5 Hollywood Stars You Probably Didn’t Know Own Cannabis Businesses

A cannabis business is considered the most profitable option in the market. This is the reason why many Hollywood stars have also invested in it. There is a list of celebrities that you didn’t even know have their own cannabis business. So are you excited to know them? In this article, we will reveal all of them.

The weed industry is growing as more and more countries are making it legal. Well, there is indeed a long time when it will entirely become legal in the world. However, we can expect much more from this industry. Cannabis is not just used for smoking, it also helps produce a variety of products like gummies, oil, etc.

These products are beneficial for improving the overall health. They also help treat diverse illnesses like anxiety, depression, insomnia, inflammation, and more. If you are looking to buy some high-quality weed products, you can visit https://cbdfx.com/collections/cbd-gummies/.

Celebrities who have their own business are truly aware of the benefits of consuming weed. There might be plenty of things that influenced them. But we have to look closely at every celebrity to know more about the same. Let’s get into this particular revelation.

Which Hollywood Stars Own Weed Businesses?

Hollywood is full of renowned and talented celebrities. You might also have your favorites in the film industry. A true fan is always curious about knowing more about their favorite star like what businesses they own. The following list includes the most popular stars that are into the weed industry. You can find if the one you admire is also on the list-

1. Snoop Dogg

Who doesn’t know Snoop Dogg’s love for smoking weed? He was always open regarding the same and still is. After some time, he thought of turning his obsession to business. His company’s name is Leafs by Snoop which is doing excellent in the weed industry. It was launched in 2015 in Colorado as a subsidiary of Canopy Growth, a Canadian corporation.

The company manufactures diverse types of weed products, mostly edibles. You can easily check out the products online if you ever wish to buy them.

Snoop Dogg never hesitates to show what he is passionate about apart from rapping. And that is the most unique quality of him as a celebrity. His weed business also influenced other Hollywood stars to consider it because it is pretty profitable.

2. Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart Cannabis Business

Another renowned Hollywood celebrity who owns a weed company is Martha Stewart. She is also a close friend of Snoop Dogg. Canadian corporation, Canopy Growth assists in the development of a successful weed business.

Martha Stewart believes in encouraging the use of CBD products rather than making money. Some of them are indeed beneficial for the overall health. Her company also focuses on providing quality products before gaining profits.

Martha Stewart’s weed company is well-known for a variety of reasons. Firstly, you can explore a wide range of CBD products from gummies to gel. These are used for different purposes. You can also find some CBD products for your pets as well. So, all in all, it is a pretty successful hemp business.

3. Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson

The next Hollywood star who began a weed business is Willie Nelson. He has already done well in his acting, singing, and writing career. He started a weed company, namely Willie’s Reserve in 2015.

With this creation, many farmers also got the opportunity to sell their grown weed at a profitable price. The company gave them enough support to carry out their agriculture effectively and efficiently.

The most unique thing about Willie’s Reserve is that it pays special attention to the quality of the products they produce. These are made up of pure cannabis. Therefore, more and more people are now preferring this company to buy these products over others.

Willie Nelson revealed in an interview that all the products that his company manufactures are tested by him. It means that they are of good quality and provide fantastic results to the people. Some popular ones are flowers, vape cartridges, and edibles.

4. Chelsea Handler

Chelsea Handler's Cannabis Business

Chelsea Handler’s cannabis business is pretty well-known among her fans. She started the business line with the biggest cannabis corporation, Norcal Cannabis. That is how her business line became a successful venture with enough profits and trustworthy customers.

Chelsea Handler, a renowned comedian, made a surprising revelation about her experience regarding cannabis. She told the interviewers that marijuana helped her in resolving some issues. She got rid of the sleeping pills after making marijuana a significant part of her life. This experience also played a huge role in influencing her to begin this particular business.

Chelsea Handler wants other women to understand the benefits of cannabis products and how they can enhance their overall well-being. And by introducing various products, she is doing an excellent job of spreading this word. Beverages, chocolates, gummies, and face masks having cannabis are some famous items.

5. Seth Rogen

Just like other popular celebrities, Seth Rogen also realized how cannabis can become a game changer in one’s life. He was always open to the public regarding his consumption of marijuana and how much he liked it. Because he has plenty of expertise in cannabis, he founded a company, Houseplant in collaboration with Canopy Growth.

Among the company’s diverse endeavors, it also feature content that explores the intersection of cannabis with various aspects of pop culture, including insights into the preferences of the most handsome Hollywood actors.

The primary aim of the company is to promote the usage of cannabis in a responsible manner. The products are primarily original cannabis flowers that are pretty challenging to find.

Along with original cannabis, the team also focuses on spreading authentic information about cannabis. It is not just to promote their business, but also to make everyone aware of its advantages and uses. You can find highly creative and insightful videos on the website.

Final Opinions

The use of Cannabis is not something that everyone approves of. A deeper knowledge and understanding of it is necessary to prevent any misconception from building. The above Hollywood celebrities know everything about cannabis. That is how they started their journey of becoming a successful entrepreneur in this industry.