8 Famous Celebrities Who Use CBD Gummies and Why They Love It

CBD, or cannabidiol, has surged in popularity recently due to its purported health benefits and therapeutic qualities. It is also heavily promoted on social media, and a lot of people use it daily.

Not just people with 9-5 jobs, but also some of your favorite celebrities. Among the diverse CBD products available, CBD gummies have emerged as a favored choice for many due to their convenience and palatability. Even celebrities who are renowned for their glamorous lifestyles, have openly embraced CBD gummies as part of their wellness rituals.

Let’s delve into the world of famous personalities who have spoken out about their use of CBD gummies, and here’s all that you should know.

What is CBD?

CBD is a chemical found in the cannabis plant. Unlike other compounds found in these plants, CBD is not toxic and may have a favorable impact on health, which is something that a lot of people aren’t aware of. CBD is often derived from the hemp plant, a cannabis type with minimal THC content.

Alternatively, you can also make CBD in a lab. It can be found in a wide range of consumer products, including your favorite foods and food oils, gummies, capsules, lotions, and cosmetics.

Famous Celebrities Who Use CBD Gummies and Why They Love It

1. Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston

Your favorite actress from Friends who is also known for her timeless beauty and holistic approach to health is one celebrity who has been candid about her fondness for CBD gummies.

Aniston attributes these delectable treats to helping her combat stress, anxiety, and occasional sleep disturbances, especially amidst grueling filming schedules.

She is open to talking about it and has been vocal in a lot of her interviews. She values the calming effects of CBD gummies, appreciating their ability to keep her grounded and focused without experiencing any psychoactive effects.

2. Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman

Our childhood favorite actor and one of the best actors is a fan of this product. The esteemed actor Morgan Freeman celebrated for his distinctive voice and illustrious career, is another advocate for these gummies. Freeman, who has grappled with chronic pain stemming from a serious car accident years ago, has found solace in these gummies for their potential pain-relieving properties.

He champions CBD as a natural alternative to traditional pain medications, highlighting its efficacy in providing relief without undesirable side effects.

3. Olivia Wilde

Olivia Wilde

Who would have thought that this bombshell is also a fan of this product? Actress and director Olivia Wilde is no stranger to incorporating gummies into her wellness regimen.

A vocal proponent of mental health awareness, Wilde finds that CBD gummies play a pivotal role in managing stress and maintaining emotional equilibrium, which is especially important when she’s on the set.

She turns to CBD gummies to unwind after demanding days on set or to alleviate pre-event nerves, endorsing their efficacy in promoting relaxation and emotional well-being.

4. Seth Rogen

This comedy actor has a vibrant personality, so it doesn’t come as a surprise for him to unwind after a long working day by using this approach and product. Renowned for his comedic prowess, actor Seth Rogen is also an advocate for CBD gummies, often infusing humor into his discussions about cannabis-related products through his shows, stand-ups, or even interviews.

Rogen, who has openly discussed his struggles with anxiety, lauds CBD gummies for their ability to induce relaxation without impairing cognitive function in any way. He champions CBD as a natural remedy for anxiety and stress, emphasizing its accessibility and efficacy in the entertainment industry.

5. Kim Kardashian


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This one was a bit unexpected and may come as a shock to a lot of people. However, the reality TV star and entrepreneur, one of most beautiful woman in the world, Kim Kardashian West is among the celebrities who have embraced CBD gummies for their wellness benefits.

Known for her bustling lifestyle and beauty empire, SKIMS, and her beauty line, Kardashian values CBD gummies as a tool for relaxation and improved sleep quality. And who doesn’t want a couple of additional perks of a good night’s beauty sleep? Incorporating CBD gummies into her nightly routine, she touts their ability to alleviate stress at any given point.

6. Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks, a revered figure in Hollywood, has openly shared his positive experiences with CBD oil, citing its effectiveness in managing his anxiety and relieving pain. Tom Hanks may need some additional boosters, considering he is not as young as he used to be.

Frustrated with conventional medications, Hanks turned to CBD oil for relief, finding it to be a game-changer. With a pipette for precise dosing, CBD oil offers various flavors and strengths, making it a versatile option for consumption. Hanks thinks that over 90% of his pain has been cured through this medication.

7. Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow

Paltrow’s lifestyle company, Goop, has grown into a massive wellness company that sells accessories and advice on alternative medicine. You have probably seen Goop all over your social media by now. Normalizing CBD is another of Goop’s goals, which is why she is such a big advocate for it.

Paltrow and her team have spent a considerable amount of time attempting to demonstrate the place of CBD, especially perfect CBD, in the health and beauty industry. Products at a CBD boutique range from bath bombs and cocktails laced with CBD to attracting first-timers, allowing everyone to experience its perks differently.

8. Snopp Dogg

Snopp Dogg

Last but not least, this list wouldn’t have been complete without Snopp Dogg. Let’s be honest, who has not heard about Snoop Dogg’s legendary cannabis addiction? The rapper is a staunch supporter of cannabis in general, and marijuana specifically.

In addition to being a minority shareholder in Canopy Growth Corp., one of Canada’s largest cannabis companies, he founded “Leafs by Snoop” in 2015. He collaborated with Martha Stewart to launch a CBD product line under this moniker. He has his line of CBD products, which he sells under the brand 3D CBD, and he loves to use it regularly.

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