Top 10 Most Beautiful Women in The World 2024

Women account for the most significant percentage of the global population. They come in different ages, races, sizes, and traditions. The truth is that all of these women possess beauty as a natural trait.

But who is the most beautiful woman in the world as of 2024? Beautiful women are pacesetters, role models and the face of the society they represent to the world. Different platforms have been used in the past to ascertain and rank the most beautiful women.

On this reason, I have compiled a list of the prettiest women in the world with consideration of their appearance, intelligence and the contribution they make in the beauty industry and the community at large.

10. Pia Wurtzbach


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Holding the 10th position is Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach. The 2015 holder of the miss universe titles has a list of other titles under her belt. She was the holder of miss universe Philippines title in the same year before contesting and winning the global title. Her stunning beauty and unique intelligence have seen her rise in the ranks of her careers where she currently works as an actor and model.

9. Emilia Clarke

A common face in movies and theatres. Emilia Clarke is a beauty to reckon. She is greatly admired for her capacity to change and fit into different roles of her career. Acting different roles in theatres, she still maintains her undisputable beauty.

Her appearance and beautiful face is on most screen through her roles in the Game of Thrones, Esquire’s Sexiest Woman Alive and Terminator Genesis. At the age of only 28 years, she a promising beauty queen who will likely climb the ladder of fame and success as one among the prominent and hottest women from across the globe.

8. Adriana Lima

Adriana Lima

A regular contender for the top 10 positions of the hottest women as per Maxim’s Hot 100, Adriana is one of the biggest beauties the world has to offer. Born as Brazilian, her natural beauty is undisputedly positioning her as the second highest paid model around the globe.

According to the Forbes magazine, the model has attained her highest mark in earnings as a model pocketing over $9 million. She is one of the most sought-after models by photographers to pose for photo shoots and grace different magazines and product brands.

7. Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra

Voted by an Indian weekly as the “sexiest Asian woman in 2015”, Chopra joins the list of top 10 hot babes in 2024 in the seventh position. A sensational actress in Bollywood, Chopra gives the world the best of her natural and attractive young face an inborn always-on smile and the perfect body.

Having attained the mark of the popular Indian celebrities, she is now starring in several movies among them ABC drama Quantico. Ashe leads the pack as the first woman of Asian origin to star in an American network series. To spice up her beauty and successful career, she has won numerous awards as a leading actor and a great inspiration to the majority of young Indian females with eyes on acting and modeling.

6. Amber Heard


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A leading actor and model, Amber Heard is also one of the few celebrities with a stable and adorable marriage. Married to Johnny Depp, she holds the 6th position in the list of the most beautiful women in the world. Having hit the streets in her acting career in 2007, she has managed to hold various prestigious roles in films among them Pineapple express, The Danish Girl and 3 days to kill among others.

Her stars appear to be shining higher with her expected roles in the upcoming film Aquaman expected to hit the screens in 2019. Hot and indisputably beautiful Amber has the opportunity to photo shoot for different magazines and other global publications and is never shy to showcase her beauty to the world.

5. Pixie Lott


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Since hitting the screens as a leading and promising pop star, Pixie Lott has for years been on the list of the sexiest women on the planet. By having Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey as her role models in music, she has always maintained to hold the same high position as they did years ago.

This is evident by being voted in 45th position of the sexiest women in 2010 and rising through the ranking to the 7th position in 2014. She currently holds the 6th position in the list of 10 hottest women with the potential to climb higher in the rankings. This comes alongside having her single releases hit the top positions in the chart and thus become an inspiration to younger women and lovers of her music.

4. Deepika Padukone

Described as the leading most sexy icon in India, Deepika continues to reign in various front as a beauty queen. She is the highest paid Bollywood actress as per the statistics released by the industry in 2016.

Her distinctive physical attributes include a smile to reckon with, the perfect height for a model and a well-curved body that makes her stand out among the hottest actresses in Bollywood and Hollywood as well. As a model, she is an endorser of various brands among them Pepsi, Sony Cyber-shot, and Nescafe.

3. Nana Im Jin-Ah


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With a name to herself in China, Nana has for the past three years appeared as one of the world’s prettiest women. With a string of films under her belt in China, she has risen the ladders to join the real men 4th season in 2016. With a beautiful, cool face, she topped the Independent Critics list in both 2014 and 2015.

She treated the world to her beautiful features immediately after leaving school when she joined the famous K-pop girls’ band. She has continually risen up the ladder by adorning her beautiful bodies and showcasing her intelligence in the industry to join this list.

2. Liza Soberano

Liza Soberano

With Filipino blood running through her veins, Liza Soberano joins the list in the second position. Her beauty is unmatched considering she is from a race considered to have the most beautiful women around the globe.

She is an actress who has featured in a number of leading films and television series making her one of the most common faces on the screen. She adorns a baby-faced beauty appearance alongside long hair traditionally considered as part of a woman’s beauty.

1. Selena Gomez

Having started her career as a cute and innocent girl, Selena Gomez leads the pack as the most beautiful woman in the world. With a natural pose that exudes confidence, she is described as one who never shy’s away to showcase her beauty to the world. With her young age and beautiful looks, she carries the potential of defining the world beauty by any standards.


Beauty is a mosaic of factors that goes beyond the physical. It encompasses grace, charisma, kindness, intelligence, and resilience. The women listed above not only captivate with their looks but also with their talents, determination, and contributions to their respective fields.

They inspire countless others, proving that beauty is not just skin deep. As we celebrate these remarkable women, let’s remember that every woman, in every corner of the world, possesses a unique beauty that makes her special. Embrace and celebrate the diverse tapestry of beauty that surrounds us every day.